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"Alexander Romanov must learn how to manage his energy"

“Alexander Romanov must learn how to manage his energy”

In Alexander Romanov, the Canadian has a promising young defender. If CH is able to get him where he wants, he will have a young man on hand who will change his defensive brigade for several years.

But in qualifying, Dominique Ducharme made us understand that Baby Not there yet. The guns take time to develop and the Romanovs were not yet of caliber.

Does CH believe in him? No. He believes in his hope and does not want to burn it.

But he has things to work on… And Ducharme, at a press conference, put his finger on one point: He must learn to channel his energies a little more efficiently in and out of the ice.

The coach says his defender knows this and has been more aware of it since a year ago. He is working on it.

That is why the young man was excluded from the vast majority of play-off matches.

And for his part, he didn’t necessarily ask to leave like KK. But good.

So the Romanovs should become a calmer man – in a good way.

He has energy everywhere. He must manage this energy and successfully channel it.

It is part of learning. Dominique Ducharme on Alexandre Romanov

It’s clear Romanov is expected to be in the Canadians’ starting line-up more regularly this season than he did against Toronto, Winnipeg, Vegas and Tampa Bay last year. The stakes are lower and he will have learned a lot.

It’s up to him to show his coach that he can take it to the next level.

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