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A supercomputer creates a picture of a supernova remnant; Check

Australia’s newly launched supercomputer, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Center, or simply Setonix, has managed to provide a detailed picture of the remnant of a supernova star. To interpret the large amount of complex data obtained by radio telescopes, the device is supported by 36 parabolic antennas working together, like the telescope itself.

These antennas are operated by the National Science Agency (CSIRO) in Australia which transmits data via high-speed optical fibers to the Pawsey Center and processes this information and turns it into images ready for science.

Data processing is a complex process that can be done in different ways and provide various solutions and various problems. The supernova image was captured by combining data collected from hundreds of telescopes, which allowed the supercomputer to obtain a composite view of the star’s remnant. The more complex the functions offered to the device, the more difficult it is to process and the need for powerful software. See the resulting image below:

Image: supernova remnants. Credits: Waseem Raja / CSIRO; Pascal Ilah / Bausi

The material emitted by the explosion of these stars reaches supersonic speeds capable of carrying any material or gas it encounters along the way. In the image, you can see the high-energy electron emissions bearing the story of the exploding star and aspects of the interstellar medium into which it was inserted. Studying these remains could reveal unprecedented physical properties of the interstellar medium.

The remnants of this supernova, estimated to be over a million years old and located 10,000-15,000 light-years from Earth, were cataloged by radio astronomer Eric R. Hill in 1967 from observations of CSIRO’s Parks Radio Telescope, Moryang.

There are countless scientific possibilities that Setonix will bring to science and understanding the universe, by improving and accelerating analysis. The supernova image is just the beginning and one of the many features that have been revealed, no more impressive information has yet to come.

Via: AlerteScience

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