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A song from Disney to reassure a little girl in the ambulance

A song from Disney to reassure a little girl in the ambulance

It can be upsetting and scary to have to leave in an ambulance, especially for young children, but a paramedic in Strasbourg, France, has found the perfect technique to reassure a little girl: sing her a Disney song.

To the tune of “Life Story,” a song from “The Lion King,” Mike Aydin, 37, reassured his young patient. The scene was then shared on TikTok and has been a hit since April 30th.

“We greeted a little girl who is a Disney fan! So it made sense for me to show him the music of The Lion King (…) the tears turned into a smile,” the video description states.

Many people commented on the post, highlighting both the gesture, but also the man’s talent.

“When we took her inside, she was crying, and she was scared. I immediately noticed she was wearing a Disney t-shirt and asked if she knew The Lion King. When she said yes to me, I rushed to sing her this song that I adore that I sing a lot,” Mike Aydin said. for the French TV channel BFM.

Making TikTok videos to share his passion for music, the paramedic automatically asked for parents’ permission to capture this magical moment. “Immediately her eyes widened, she mesmerized me and the song and immediately stopped crying,” he said.

He noted that singing to his patients had become a habit. “I understood my mission today. I take care of patients and comfort them with singing. Music is a real gift and I want to give it to as many people as possible,” said Mike Aydin.