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A new wasp appears in the United States and threatens bees

A new wasp appears in the United States and threatens bees

Yellow-legged hornets, a type of wasp that originated in Asia, have been discovered in Georgia, which worries US authorities.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia announced Tuesday in a statement.

This is the first time that a yellow-legged hornet has been seen in the United States. If they can establish themselves in Uncle Sam’s land, yellow-legged wasps can be devastating to bees, if not controlled.

A beekeeper in Savannah, Georgia found hornets on his property. On August 9, analyzes conducted by the University of Georgia confirmed it to be a yellow-legged hornet.

“Our team of experienced professionals will continue to assess the situation and work directly to intercept, track and eradicate yellow-legged hornets in Georgia,” said Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper.

CBS News indicated that a relative of the yellow-legged hornet, the “killer hornet”, which is capable of quickly killing bees, had disturbed many Americans in 2021. Washington state also wiped out a giant nest in which nearly 1,000 people were killed. 1,500 people. wasps.

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