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A new electric vehicle option in Granby

A new electric vehicle option in Granby

Mayor Julie Bourdon believes these new stations, which will serve 14 parking spaces, will address the need. The region (the cities of Cowansville, Granby and Bromont in particular) is reported to have the highest rankings for vehicle electrification in Quebec and Canada. Voice of the East Last spring.

“We have many charging stations in public parking lots,” the mayor points out. What we do is add stations on the street. This allows overnight charging for vehicle owners who do not necessarily have access to private power outlets. During the day, the locations chosen are strategic.

Portions of Sweet, La Fontaine, Saint-Joseph, Racine and Victoria streets will welcome these new 240-volt stations next month. “Sweet Street, for example, is close to the residential strip and Daniel Johnson Park. Victoria Street is located near the offices and performance hall downtown. Rue Saint-Joseph is near Ségep, Rue La Fontaine is near the hospital centre, and Rue Racine is near the residences for the elderly.

The goal is to “expand” a new network to provide “another service” to citizens. Julie Bourdon confirms that the popularity of electric cars no longer needs to be proven.


Total project costs are $372,000. However, Granby received financial assistance of $168,000 from Hydro-Québec, Ms. Bourdon confirms. The state-owned company introduced a support program for municipalities to allow the addition of 4,500 stations to facilitate the charging of electric cars in urban centers.

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Granby elected officials have awarded the contract allowing new on-street charging stations to be installed in Granby.

The work will be carried out by Bertrand Ostiguy of Shefford. The latter submitted the lowest offer of $335,000. Elected officials awarded the contract last July.

As for the future, Julie Bourdon stresses that “everything has to be reevaluated.” She said that the installation of the new stations will take place according to “needs and demand,” stressing that several municipal buildings (the aquatic center, the town hall, La Gare square, the fire station, the Lake Boivin nature interpretation center) have already been provided with this type of development.