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A man who swam on New Year's Day became paralyzed

A man who swam on New Year's Day became paralyzed

Dan Richards was paralyzed from the neck down after being swept away by a wave at Langland Bay in Wales. A fundraising campaign was launched to fund him.

A journey that turned into a tragic bath. Dan Richards and his partner Anna Thomas, two Welshmen aged 35 and 38 respectively, decided to go for a swim in Langland Bay, south of Swansea in Wales, on New Year's Day.

“The plan was to get in the water, have a quick swim and then get out as quickly as possible because it was too cold,” Dan Richards said. Sky News.

“I was instantly paralyzed”

When the water reached the level of his thighs, the man went down in a wave that was more powerful than expected.

“It spun me around, and instead of getting up, it knocked me down, and the back of my head hit the sand,” he said, “and the wave that knocked me over, broke my neck, and I was instantly paralyzed.”

Dan Richards recalled seeing a “loud noise” and a “very bright light” before calling for help: “I opened my eyes under the water and I could see my limbs, but I had no control over them, so I held myself. Breathing.”

Raised over £35,000

He was found by his relatives and airlifted to a hospital in Bristol, England. The medical team confirms that Dan is paralyzed from the neck down.

“My world collapsed,” Anna Thomas testified to Sky News, immediately thinking of Dan's daughter Hayley, but also of the parents who had to break the news.

“It doesn't seem real, but it's not the end for us. Whatever happens, whatever they tell us, we know it's not,” he said there. BBC.

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Don Richards was transferred to Morriston Hospital, where his rehabilitation would take at least two years, if not his entire life. The couple is now learning about stem cell treatments and private rehab centers.

A Fundraising started He has already raised over £33,500 or €39,000 to support Dan. “It's sad and I feel like I don't deserve it […] “It is almost impossible to describe my gratitude for the support she has received,” replied the Welshman Wales Online.

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