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A Die-hard District 31 fan receives a priceless gift from Gildor Roy

A Die-hard District 31 fan receives a priceless gift from Gildor Roy

Success District 31 Is the proof: The show’s audiences are many! Recently, one viewer in particular received a gift from Daniel Chiasson himself!

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It was at Paul Arcand’s mic, at 98.5, that we learned of this good deed that Gildor Roy had put forth to an ardent fan of the daily. This is Eric Charst, 45, who has an intellectual disability. His father was Jill In an interview with Paul Arcand To tell the great passion his son had for the series, but more specifically for the character of Commander Chiason.

Living near the studios where the shooting takes place District 31Eric Gildor saw Roy outside the group and begged his father to stop and shout at him. Then the actor came to talk to Eric for fifteen minutes.

“Eric told him he was listening to the series. They exchanged. Eric explained to him that he was making adhesive cars and that he would make it a glue-in police car, and that he would come and bring it to him. Gildor congratulated him, thanked him and invited him to go back to see him to get the police car.”

A month later, Eric returned to present his gift to Gildor, who took great care to put it on the shelf in the captain’s office. When we listen to the show, we can also see it very well. It blends perfectly with the decor!

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but that is not all! Last week, Eric visited the scene again, enabling Gildor to fulfill the dream of all his fans District 31That is, being able to come in and visit the studios! While they were filming the scenes, he offered her silence and watch the filming, before leading her straight to the commander’s office and handing her a famous live mug.

“Eric was really happy. I tell you he was the subject of conversion. […] That’s not funny, Cobh! Everyone called. He said it to his sisters, to his uncles… All evening, he talked about it again. Honestly, he was really happy! ‘ said Mr. Charst, visibly happy for his son.

Carl Jesse

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What Mr. Charst did not know was that Gildor Roy was on the phone to comment on this beautiful story. After receiving Paul Arcand’s congratulations for his kind gesture, Gildor quickly explained that he did so out of kindness, and certainly did not expect to be interviewed.

“It is exceptional what we experienced distracted, So it’s the least you can do to give back a little to the world he loves. But here, I just want to make it clear: there is no longer a cup! “Don’t call me and don’t come to the edge of the fence to get one,” he joked.

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The interview ended in a very sweet way with Gilles Charest whose voice vibrated with emotion and insisted on emphasizing “the great heart and great generosity of Gildor”.

Nice story these days feel good!

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