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Panic in the restaurant... |  Quebec Magazine

Panic in the restaurant… | Quebec Magazine

The restaurant is full, the inexperienced young waitress spends her first evening and the chef, who is late, gives no sign of life. a play Upside down Drowning in the heart of a chaotic evening and where it all goes Too bad.

On display through April 2 in Premier Acte, Upside downby Blanche Gionet-Lavigne, takes viewers behind the scenes of Gattuso, a diner that just earned a positive review.

The writer, who also fell on stage, worked for ten years in this environment and experienced strange and amazing situations.

Upon entering the small Premier Acte room, one feels like in a restaurant. There are tables, a bar and a kitchen section. The staff prepares the service that will follow.

There’s Marc (Jocelyn Barry), the manager, Emmanuelle (Laura Amar), the new waitress, assistant chef Olivier “La Sauce” (Vincent Massé Gagnier) and the handyman Frances (Vincent Legault). Chef Sandra (Nadia Gerrard Suburban), belated.

Suddenly there are many clients. The chef has to take over from the chef, the service is slow and there is a shortage of food. As if that weren’t enough, outside business rocks the walls of the restaurant. All this under the eyes of Aldo (Maxim Peron).


They move, freak out, scream and line up adventures. Anything can go wrong, and it will go wrong. It’s too bad.

The disaster was pushed to its limit, but it got a bit anecdotal. It’s played very well, but the caricature that unfolds is amusing.

We witness a very successful scene when the chef, deputy chef, and handyman are all busy in the kitchen. The banging of the knives roared and the flour flew back into the air to the techno “rhythm”.

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Reviving a restaurant in a theater is a complex process. We are in appearance and imagination. Food and ingredients missing.

One wonders if the use of English by the owner Aldo is necessary and relevant.

Upside down It is a beautiful cartoon of shots in restoration. And we see, during the adventures, that the people who work in this field are passionate. And that, we totally feel in the latter part of this 80-minute creation.