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A decision that hurt Expos fans

A decision that hurt Expos fans

I don’t intend to say bad things and not necessarily nice things either. You undoubtedly know that the gallery has played an important role in my life. This week, Andre Dawson sent a letter to the president of the Baseball Hall of Fame asking him to replace the Montreal Expos hat on his memorial plaque with a Chicago Cubs hat. Do I feel betrayed or am I hurt by what Andre Dawson did?

My first reaction was to cheat and I was particularly hurt by his decision. I still remember his first steps with the Expos and especially his success with the Quebec Carnivals.

His exciting career with the Expos marked Quebec baseball history. He looked like he was flying onto the field to make a dramatic catch.

You should have seen the Falcon circling the goal running faster than his shadow. Andre, your decision hurts Expos fans.

Let’s analyze Andrei’s decision to try to understand his feelings better.

Was the exhibition management fair to him? When he became a free agent, the Expos didn’t even offer him a $500,000 contract. Yes, you read correctly. He eventually signed with the Cubs.

Who is the choice?

Today, it rarely happens that a baseball player plays his entire career with the same team. However, the Hall of Fame still dictates which team hat the inductee must wear.

I repeat: The choice is up to the leaders of the temple.

Unfortunately, Montreal is the only city that has lost a major baseball franchise without being able to replace it.

What I’m about to write still hurts my heart. The majority of kids under 14 have no idea about the history of the Expos and even less about the superstars who were part of the Montreal team.

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How many of these young people know that Youppi! He started his career with the Expos and not the Canadiens? Moreover, if it weren’t for the Canadian, yay! He will rest deep in the Olympic Stadium.

heart pain

The Hall of Famer is honored for his accomplishments as a player, coach or builder, regardless of the team he played for. Does the builder who gets elected to the Hall of Fame wear a pullover in his team’s colors? no !

During his induction, Dawson told the hall leaders that their decision to impose the Expos cap on his plaque upset him.

The exhibitions will remain in the hearts of the people who knew them well. Several parks have been named in honor of Gary Carter.

She fought for two years with Montreal city leaders until the western portion of Vaillon Street, which runs along Gary Park, was named after Carter.

Other players, including Andre Dawson, like the Expos, will unfortunately be just a vague memory in Quebec’s collective memory in 30 years.

However, Andre would like to be forever identified with a Chicago Cubs hat. His decision is understandable. Despite the controversy this may raise, he is right.

However, the selection of Andre Dawson represents a major heartbreak for the Expos, Our Loves.