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Canadiens: Cayden Primeau was mentally affected

Canadiens: Cayden Primeau was mentally affected

MONTREAL – It was a tough game for Cayden Primeau, and that was as evident from the goals as it was from the reactions of his teammates who felt bad for him. Coach Martin St. Louis could do nothing but cheer him on at the end of the game.

“I just saw him, patted him on the back. He’s going to have talks with (goalkeeping coach) Eric Raymond. It was certainly a game he would have loved to have resumed, but you can’t, you know.”

A few minutes ago, we could say that Primo faced the music. After this performance, we can name a few former Canadian goaltenders who have never met the media.

Admittedly, Primo needed a moment to calm down before answering the questions. But he admitted that the first goals allowed affected him psychologically so much that he changed his style after that.

“I think I did a really good job this year of not doubting myself. But they scored two goals in the same place and that affected me. It wasn’t ideal.”

“They played in my head a little bit with those goals. This can’t happen. When you start doing things a little differently and start doubting, things go wrong very quickly,” Primo added frankly.

The least we can say is that the Panthers were spoiled by Primo. All goals found their way there. In this matter, Primo was unable to target what the Panthers identified as a flaw.

“I’m not sure because I think I’ve been good with the gloves this season,” the 24-year-old goalkeeper replied.

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As St. Louis said, Primo knows this match will only benefit him.

“Every match is additional learning. This is unacceptable, but I will learn from this part,” he explained, adding simple details.

“Exactly I do not doubt my habits. I have to regain my composure and look at the pictures,” said the American.

A few meters away from him, his colleagues were trying to find the right words to comment on the topic.

“He has been very good since the beginning of the year. It is not easy with three goalkeepers, especially since Kayden is trying to prove himself. He is an excellent goalkeeper and I trust him. I do not think this match will affect him, he is mentally strong.”

What did they say

A small note, in conclusion, relates to the numerical superiority of the Canadian, who did not score in eight matches. There were some good chances, but the finishing touch was not there.

St. Louis eventually decided to replace Josh Anderson with Alex Newhook, but he left the game injured in the third period.

“I can’t say it didn’t work out, we had a good chance. We didn’t score, we have to score,” captain Nick Suzuki said.

“This unit is new and we haven’t worked together yet. We’ve also had a numerical disadvantage that has been very good recently. Would we like to get some of our chances back? Yes, but that’s not happening.