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A day eagerly awaited by the women of Pithiverais

A day eagerly awaited by the women of Pithiverais

As part of the 17th European Week of Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening, from 23 to 29 January, the Regional Coordination Center for Cancer Screening in the Center Val de Loire organized preventive days for women.

One of them was taken into custody on Saturday at Bethivers Hospital Center. Forty dates were offered. Soon they found my takers. A queue with the same number has been created.

The consultation focused on all issues related to women’s health: contraception, Pap smear taking, information on breast cancer screening.

According to Natalie Horstmann, health insurance prevention officer, these decentralized prevention days address a real need. They make it possible to meet women without following up for a long time at times and most of them are over 40, to remove the fears or fears that such an examination can cause.

Some patients, who do not have a gynecologist, are not aware that a Pap smear can be performed by a general practitioner or midwife. This appointment is an opportunity for Ingrid Bottier, the health insurance receptionist, to update all the data about the patient who came for the consultation.

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