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A confused Joe Biden hits the Brazilian flag as he takes the stage

A confused Joe Biden hits the Brazilian flag as he takes the stage

US President Joe Biden appeared confused again on Wednesday when he collided with a flag at the United Nations.

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It then seemed that he angered the Brazilian president by leaving the stage without shaking his hand.

The scene came as President Biden took the stage. After he hit the flag, he looked confused, and took a moment to compose himself.

He then had difficulty handling his translation device’s earpiece, which was quickly noticed by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the New York Post reported.

“Do you hear me, President Biden? “This is a historic moment for Brazil and the United States.”

France Press agency

When President Biden did not respond immediately, Lula repeated his request: “President Biden, can you hear me?”

Lula da Silva turned to the US President, who nodded in response, but then continued to fumble with his earpiece throughout his counterpart’s speech.

At some point, Mr. Biden gave up hope of getting his headset to work properly. He was seen giving up on repairing his translation machine, then raising his eyebrows in frustration.

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At the end of the Brazilian president’s speech, Biden shook hands with ILO Director-General Gilbert Hongbo, but turned away when Mr. Lula extended his hand.

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As he left, Mr. Lula da Silva appeared clearly upset and waved his hand.