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Caught Upside Down for Hours: Eight people rescued from a merry-go-round

Caught Upside Down for Hours: Eight people rescued from a merry-go-round

Witnesses who filmed the scene said eight people riding a cart at a festival in Crandon, Wisconsin, were left upside down for hours waiting to be rescued on Sunday.

“All we know is that there was a mechanical failure with the ride and it got stuck upright,” Capt. Brennan Cook of the Crandon Fire Department told WJFW in an interview.

On Sunday, the Forest County Festival Fireball ride reportedly stopped while at the top of the circuit, leaving seat passengers upside down for at least three hours, New York Post Tuesday.

In a series of videos, we can see a group of eight people patiently waiting to be rescued, while a witness narrates the situation. But according to him, it took more than an hour for rescuers to attempt the first intervention in the carousel.

“What I heard from one of the police officers is, they have to grind off a piece of metal steel and it’s kind of the safety switch that stops the machine right there. Once that’s done, [le wagon] “It’s going to drop 2 feet to 3 feet and the operator should be able to release everything via hydraulics,” Scott Brass said on Facebook, while filming the scene.

But unable to get the cart into operation, the rescuers would begin to remove the personnel one by one, using a ladder.

“They should have started an hour earlier,” can we hear the witness sigh, specifying in his post that the last to be rescued would have spent more than four hours upside down.

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The eight individuals could have been transported to a hospital center for evaluation.