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A company that is willing to pay you to obtain your returnable containers

In order to protect you from having to travel, the company offers its services to take back your returnable containers at your home by giving you a part of the profits.

GoConsigne white boxes have been endorsed by nearly 25,000 customers.

“We will tally your bags at our sorting center and add the equivalent balances to your Goconsigne account and when you accumulate the equivalent of $20 in your account, you can request an Interac transfer,” said GoConsigne founder Martin Gagné.

Furthermore, from November 1, 2023, the value of returnable containers will double and many products such as wine bottles and plastic juice formats will now be returnable.

“Recycle Québec calculates that we have about 1,100 returnable containers per household. Right now $0.05 is equal to $50, but this spring we’re going to $0.10 with containers that are 25¢ and volume will increase. I think it’s possible Easily calculate about $150 per stay per year,” he says.

GoConsigne keeps 38% of the value of your containers.

Mr. Gagné’s idea is to reproduce Alberta’s “Skip The Depot” concept in Quebec.

An idea that works well is to try to increase the level of material that can be recorded.

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