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A collection of digital installations in the Dominican Republic

A collection of digital installations in the Dominican Republic

The Science Festival was launched last year by the Dominicans in Haute-Alsace, but not on site. A kind of trial run for the team, which decided to make it a real event, on Saturday, October 7th. “It made sense for us to invest in this project with the audiovisual center within our walls,” says Pierre Aubry, Dominican General Delegate in Haute-Alsace.

Responsible for this digital programming are Manon Haag, responsible for public relations, and Lorraine Motet, responsible for programming, who took an immersive tour through the monastery. Gateway to this science festival: Creation puzzle , by the duo Purform, premiered at DOVNI. Yann Brouleau, a member of Porform, conducted an artist residency at the Dominican du Haute-Alsace this spring, during which he was able to exhibit his work at the Gebuiler.

” in puzzle “Spectators will be immersed in the heart of a crazy computer machine, spending its time doing calculations,” Manon Haag describes. A work that will lead us to question the intelligence of machines, and whether or not they can feel emotions. At a time when artificial intelligence has become a societal issue, the Dominicans of Haute-Alsace have chosen to address science along this axis, but also to show that “culture and science can be compatible,” emphasizes Pierre Aubry.

Entrance to the ancient monastery will be free from 2pm to 6pm, but entry is recommended Book on the Dominican website for one of five dome shows presented throughout the afternoon.

With a hologram of Aunt Françoise

Around this work, the Dominicans conceived a multi-composition tour. With the digital presence of the creative and sassy Aunt Françoise, who will act as a guide. As is familiar to patrons of the venue, Aunt Françoise will not really be there…it is her own hologram that the audience will encounter. But whoever says technology, says computer errors…

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In the basement, clips of all ages will be shown in a loop. It is Mathieu Marmelot, the master of alternative music in Alsace, who heads a small artisanal company in Colmar, who has prepared this series of videos from famous and lesser-known artists. “Two introductory moments, with the context of these clips, were planned during the afternoon,” notes Manon Haag.

In the upper choir, listening will be offered under headphones. “It will be the story of a woman who had a romantic encounter through an application… with artificial intelligence,” reveals the public relations director. In the bottom chorus, an immersive interaction with ChatGPT will be scheduled. An audio-visual creation, created by the Dominican Audio-Visual Center in Haute-Alsace.

going to Saturday, October 7, at the Dominican in Haute-Alsace, from 2pm to 6pm. Entrance is free, but reservations are recommended On the Dominican website for one of five dome shows presented throughout the afternoon.