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A black earth is worth its weight in gold

A black earth is worth its weight in gold

In Sherrington, high-quality black soil is suitable for growing leafy greens, says Vegpro’s president.

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“With our climate in Quebec, we can’t grow lettuce if we don’t have that kind of soil there,” explains Jerry Van Wenden, CEO of Vegpro.

According to him, this generous type of soil is necessary for growing lettuce, which loves cold climates.

“It is soil that has the ability to store water,” he continues. It is a soil that has four times greater water holding capacity than conventional mineral soil.”

In Quebec, without this type of soil, it becomes difficult, if not nearly impossible, to grow lettuce of all kinds, which makes up the famous mesclun.

On the other hand, with sandy soils which are poor in nature, all drains and cultivation become very difficult.

On the other hand, on richer clay soils, such as those in the Saint-Hyacinthe region, it is not much better.

“When it rains, the lettuce will all die,” explains Number One in Vegpro, on the ground.

For the new governor of the MRC des Jardins-de-Napierville, Yves Boyer, there is no doubt that the area’s land is an asset.

“We have an unusual black land. We have many kinds of vegetables,” he concludes.

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