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91 Tracking Number Inquiries: Ordering Stanley Cups Turns into a Disaster

91 Tracking Number Inquiries: Ordering Stanley Cups Turns into a Disaster

An Ontario woman who ordered Stanley cups saw her delivery turn into a disaster after she started receiving numerous calls from other customers looking for their packages at her home after getting the same tracking number.

Tracy Kampversik wanted to give her daughter a gift by ordering her a popular Stanley mug, and she took the opportunity to treat herself to a Valentine's Day gift, CTV News reported Monday.

Although she received her package, she also began receiving many calls and messages from all over Canada – even from Newfoundland – from customers who were not so lucky.

Looking at their tracking number, all other customers saw that their package appeared to have been delivered to an address in Ontario: Ms. Kampfersek's address. However, the latter only received her own package.

For several days, Ontario also received visits from UPS delivery men who tried to get their hands on these popular packages that were marked as having been delivered to her home.

During these conversations she finally realized that everyone had the same tracking number that she had when placing their orders.

They said there were 91 ongoing investigations […] “Regarding my tracking number,” she explained to the media. “At this point, I'm so afraid people will come to my door.”

An internal investigation was launched by UPS, although the tracking number was generated by Stanley. The cup company has not yet provided an explanation.

“I've called them every day to ask about the news and all they tell me on the phone is that it's under investigation and that someone will call me,” Ms. Kampversek said.

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