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Many Quebecers live from payroll to payroll

Many Quebecers live from payroll to payroll

As the first of the month approaches with all of its financial commitments, many Quebecers live on the payroll.

In Quebec, between 30 to 35% of families find themselves in this situation.

On Thursday morning, Desjardins had trouble depositing wages to its users, alarming some.

“It’s a very high level of stress [si je ne reçois pas ma paie]. I don’t earn much money. A young woman, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles, responded to the reaction of a young woman in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said another.

That is why an expert in the financial world advises Quebec to create an emergency fund.

“It’s three to six months of current expenses to be able to pay off all of their obligations. If you eat dinner every day at your workplace, we take away $100 a week. That’s about $5,000 a year. People don’t see the total,” Fabian said. Major, Financial Planner at Senior Private Management, “When you can reduce some unconscious expenses, you can save thousands of dollars a year.”

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