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7 basic principles of successful interior design

7 basic principles of successful interior design

Choosing beautiful curtains, elegant materials, landscaping, shapes… Successful interior decoration requires respect for some basic principles. Here are seven essential elements for impressive decor.

1. Coordinated framework

We think of floor coverings, woodwork, stair wood in harmony with parquet wood, but also doors and decorative hardware. A smooth and harmonious environment that exudes a sense of order and beauty.

2. Beautiful window treatments

For a feeling of everyday privacy, curtains, blinds or shutters are essential. Whether you choose a romantic or ultra-modern style, there is always a suitable model that will enhance and complement the entire decor.

3. Boldness

With white walls, a beige sofa, and three perfectly coordinated pillows, there's no risk of going wrong, but rather of being boring. What makes a room unforgettable is that little bit of extra crazy, that inviting shade, that something that sparks curiosity. But to do this, you have to believe in yourself and… dare!

4. In the light

Lighting is often neglected in decor. However, it is one of the most charming aspects, it probably creates a nice atmosphere or hides some small imperfections. We think about functional, ambient lighting (beautiful table or desk lamps) and accent lighting (above a beautiful object, frame, etc.), and we complement them with candles or tealight holders.

5. Attention to design

Shapes bring rhythm and dynamics. Round shapes respond to square shapes, they complement each other. We take this into consideration when we choose furniture that expresses our tastes and style.

6. Printed

Patterns enrich the decor with a touch of imagination and movement. They help us incorporate color accents and define the style of the room. Eclectic combinations like large prints are unparalleled in adding personality. How can we introduce style into our decor? Via rugs, cushions, covers, etc.

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7. Real materials

Furniture made of natural or noble materials such as linen, stone or wood gives an authentic and rich character. The same applies to materials, natural materials are the guarantee of eternity.

Bonus: How to make your decor warmer?

There are these details that make the decor real, warm and lively. There's nothing sadder than these sterile, catalog-like decorations!

It's a personal thing, but I would say that having books, pictures, flowers and plants is essential. We also think about small useful accessories, items that contribute to comfort: cozy blankets, pillows, rugs, side tables.