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10 surprising things that slow down your home Wi-Fi

10 surprising things that slow down your home Wi-Fi

It can be very frustrating to see your Wi-Fi slow down for no apparent reason.

However, many objects and materials in your home can explain this situation daily Mail.

Here are 10 surprising things that can slow down your Wi-Fi.


Concrete can cause interference with your internet, since it is difficult to penetrate.


Just like concrete, metal can slow down your Wi-Fi.

To prevent your internet connection from being affected, it is recommended that you place your router as far as possible from walls, if they are made of metal and/or concrete.

Plaster and stucco

Although they create less interference with the Internet than metal or concrete, stucco and drywall can weaken your router’s signal.


Ceramic tiles are very popular in kitchens and bathrooms, and they can affect the quality of your Wi-Fi.

According to high-speed website technology specialist Marla Milano, ceramics are often paired with other materials that impair your internet connection.

“That’s why it’s best to place your router high in a central location in your home,” she says.


Several types of windows, especially those with low power (or Low E), can explain why your internet is slow.

In order to reduce heat loss in the home, “Low E” windows have a metallic film that can harm Wi-Fi.


Like some windows, mirrors have a thin layer of metal behind the glass.

“When you combine two elements, they can generate a lot of electromagnetic interference,” says Marla Milano.


Water can also be the enemy of a fast internet connection!

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Your aquarium and even your own body can weaken your router’s signal.


If you have particularly dense furniture, don’t be surprised that your internet speed will drop.

“The more furniture you have and the bigger and thicker it is, the greater the potential for weakening your signal,” Milano says.

It is especially important not to hide your router behind or near furniture.


Your microwave and dishwasher emit their own waves, and if you put your router too close to them, it can harm your connection.