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Windows 11, File Explorer is slow, here is a funny solution

Windows 11, File Explorer is slow, here is a funny solution

File Explorer is probably the most popular app in Windows 11. It has benefited from many improvements in recent years.

Its development is not over as Microsoft intends to roll out many new features. You will be concerned with the interface, recommended section and new gallery view to enjoy photos and media in the form of thumbnails.

Updated the Gallery icon in File Explorer.

Meanwhile, the app is not perfect and systems are falling victim to its slowness. In some situations, opening certain files or folders is slow. In front of this situation DiscModer He shares a quirky tip that may provide a solution. Pressing the F11 key on your keyboard twice seems to speed up the loading process.

In File Explorer, the F11 key displays the switch to full screen mode. Double-clicking allows you to launch full-screen mode and then return to windowed mode immediately afterward. It’s currently unclear why this trick speeds up folder loading on certain Windows 11 systems.

Anyway, if you are facing these slowdown issues, try this solution and leave a comment to share your experience.

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