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White House: US no ban on vaccines

Washington (dpa-AFX) – The US government has denied allegations that it bans the export of vaccines from the United States. “There are no export restrictions,” White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said in Washington on Thursday (local time). All vaccine manufacturers in the United States are free to export their products as long as they keep the promises made in the contracts with the US government.

When asked if companies should first issue the shares promised under the contract to the US government before being exported to other countries, Zaki did not go into detail. He did not comment on further details about the contracts.

At the same time, the spokesman reiterated that the US government’s priority is to vaccinate its own people first. But they are also working with international partners to bring the epidemic under global control.

EU Council President Charles Michael has accused the United States and Great Britain of blocking vaccine exports from their countries. “The United Kingdom and the United States have completely banned the export of vaccines or vaccine components manufactured in their territory,” Michael wrote in a news release a few days ago.

The British government also denied such allegations. “The British government has not even banned the export of a Govt-19 vaccine,” a Downing Street spokesman said Tuesday. All references to the UK export ban or restrictions on vaccines are completely false. / Jac / DP / nas

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