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“We’ve been through hell” – Neymar

“We’ve been through hell” – Neymar

Lionel Messi and Neymar’s time at Paris Saint-Germain has not ended as a fairy tale. The two friends spent two seasons together in the City of Lights, but they were unable to bring the Champions League trophy back to Paris, despite the club topping the French League.

Messi is now in the MLS with Inter Miami.

For his part, Neymar is in Saudi Arabia with Al Hilal Club.

Both of them can breathe again, at least, according to the Brazilian, who confirms that it was not easy in Paris.

“I was very happy (for him) with the year he had,” Neymar initially told the newspaper. Globo Sporty Special. But at the same time, (I was) very sad, because he faced both sides of the coin.

He went to heaven with the Argentina national team. […] In Paris, we went through hell, he and I. We were getting angry, because we weren’t there for nothing. We were there to do our best, to be champions, to try to make history. That’s why we started playing together again. We wanted to make history, but we didn’t succeed.”

Thus, Neymar believes that the taunts of the Parisian fans were exaggerated while they had a field day on the backs of the two stars.

For his part, Messi previously stated that he is facing great difficulty adapting to his new training, after his departure from his eternal club Barcelona, ​​for which he also played with Neymar.

“At first it was great, I received a lot of encouragement, but then part of the Parisian audience treated me differently. He had pointed out. He explained that the majority treated me well, but there was a disconnect with part of the audience.

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If Neymar doesn’t play a game with his new team, Messi is playing in the rain and shine with Inter Miami.