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Video |  “My pet cat is the black panther and our best friend is our Rottweiler.”

Video | “My pet cat is the black panther and our best friend is our Rottweiler.”

The cute little tiger named Luna was taken in by a young woman who took care of him with love and attention, and then adopted him.

Victoria lives in Siberia, Russia. She says that one day, a mobile zoo passed by her house, and one of the cheetahs rejected her baby.


When zookeepers realized she had been kicked out of their litter, they called Victoria, who had some experience raising big cats, and asked her to nurse the animal back to health.

“Luna has been with me since the eighth day after she was born,” Victoria explained.

She added: “She has been through a lot and still has some health problems, but in a few years all her health problems should disappear.”


The animal befriended Venza, Victoria's Rottweiler.


When she saw that Luna was improving and that her life was no longer in danger, she decided to share videos of the animal, many of which went viral.

Although it weighs almost 90 kilograms and has strong teeth, Luna is very affectionate and cuddles with its owner.

The big cat was filmed wandering through a meadow and playing in the snow in Siberia, where he lives.

This unconventional pet caught the attention of netizens, who were impressed by the tiger's kindness.

“What a beautiful video. Owner and cat must have a great deal of mutual trust.

“Love and kindness can turn any situation into a family bond!”

Another Russian family has gone viral after adopting an orphaned grizzly bear that grew into a 300-pound monster.