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Video: A teacher yells at a student for confiscating his cell phone

A Nashville, Tennessee, high school student was reportedly so angry after her cell phone was confiscated that her teacher pounced before trying to snatch the device from her hands.

“Give me my cell phone. Can I have my cell phone?” the young woman shouted over and over in a video that in just a few days reached more than 12.9 million views on Twitter.

Faced with her teacher’s repeated refusal to return her cell phone, the young woman from Antioch High School allegedly stalked her teacher for the first time in class, before chasing him down the hall to do it again, according to video captured. student in class.

“You just sprayed me with cayenne pepper,” the teacher can be heard nodding to his class as they head towards the hallway, followed by the young woman with her can in hand.

Then she would spray it again, leaving the teacher on the floor and coughing before the other adults got involved.

According to the student, who originally posted the video on the Reddit platform a few days ago, the young woman was “texting and Googling answers for her schoolwork” when the teacher took the device from her, the Daily Mail reported. .

The user added that two months ago, the same teacher was allegedly punched in the face by another student from whom he also confiscated a cell phone.

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