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US tourists stuck in Montreal Trudeau for two days

US tourists stuck in Montreal Trudeau for two days

Travelers passing through Montreal-Trudeau Airport are not at the end of their troubles, as dozens of flights were postponed or canceled again on Monday.

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The situation is especially complicated for tourists with connecting flights.

This is the case of a group of ten Americans, who lost their flight from Montreal to Boston after settling in British Columbia.

One passenger in this group says there is no flight available to this destination in New England for the next two days.

And she strongly denounced Air Canada’s attitude towards her: “They say it’s not their fault. When we missed the connecting flight for 30 minutes. We were assigned another flight that was due in two days. They wouldn’t pay for the hotel,” says Briana, an American tourist.

According to the woman, Air Canada is justifying its decision not to compensate them by claiming that the situation is beyond their control.

By late Monday afternoon, Air Canada had not yet responded to TVA Nouvelles’ request for an interview.

This American family could deserve compensation, according to Jacob Charbonneau of

β€œWe should go and see the reason for the first delay that caused them to miss their correspondence (…) realize that there is a lot of misinformation, and use very broad grounds to say that passengers are not entitled to compensation,” he explained.

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Brianna and her family will try to get it.