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United States: Moose chase skiers in Wyoming

United States: Moose chase skiers in Wyoming

Skiing is already a good physical activity, but doing it while escaping a 10-foot deer hurtling down a mountain is even more impressive. This is what three men experienced earlier this month in Wyoming, United States.

In a video shared by Billy Fohey on Facebook, we see the animal chasing skiers. “Nothing like [prendre] “He turned and almost hit a moose 3 meters away from you, then watched him chase your friend down the hill,” the man noted in his post on the social network.

The latter was hitting the slopes with his friends Alex Momot and Kenneht William Rynearson when the scene occurred.

Alex Momot added, according to People magazine: “We lost the moose, and no one was hurt.”

The situation surprised Mr Fohey, who said he knew these animals could be “very aggressive, especially in the wild”.

“I felt the air flow and the moose was less than 10 feet away from me. I was moving so fast,” he added during an interview on Good Morning America.

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