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United Kingdom: Netflix and Prime Video down in second quarter

United Kingdom: Netflix and Prime Video down in second quarter

In the UK, major video platforms are in decline. Netflix and Prime Video saw subscriber declines in the second quarter, a streak that has been on the rise for several months.

From October 2022, the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) will measure platform audiences in the UK. In particular, it helps to know more precisely the distribution statistics for these applications.

The decline started last year

And in the second quarter of 2023, Netflix and Prime Video saw their viewership decline. A phenomenon that has been going on for months across the Channel with inflation affecting the British.

Earlier this year, Ampere Analysis estimated that Netflix would lose around 200,000 subscribers in the UK by 2023, after losing 500,000 last year. That doesn’t seem too far from the truth, as Netflix saw its subscriber numbers decline in the second quarter.

As of June 30, 57.7% of UK households had a Netflix subscription compared to 59% at the end of the first quarter. It’s a similar story for Prime Video, which is available in 44.9% of households as of March 31.

Other sites saw their customer numbers stagnate or increase in the second quarter. Apple TV+ had the same penetration rate (6.6%), with Disney+ available in 25.2% of homes, up from 24.8% three months ago.

Netflix and Prime Video increased their prices last year, and other platforms are now much cheaper. Disney+ plans to increase its prices from November 1, so it will hit customers hard from the beginning of next year, and if they’re not satisfied with the current formula, it will be cut off from some options like 4K or 4K. 4 simultaneous streams.

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