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Umoja: The new digital print between Africa and Australia

Umoja: The new digital print between Africa and Australia

Google has announced the launch of Umoja, an initiative to strengthen digital connectivity in Africa. The project involves the use of a submarine cable connecting Africa directly to Australia from the south through several African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Africa. Together with Liquid Technologies, this cable network will provide access points to improve reliability and resiliency. The initiative is part of the Africa Connect project, which aims to promote digital inclusion and economic growth.

Umoja will strengthen the region's digital infrastructure, ensuring more reliable and widespread connectivity. US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman said the initiative is key to Kenya's digital transformation. Also, Kenya's President William Ruto highlighted the project's importance to digital inclusion and economic opportunities. Google's investment is part of a $1 billion commitment to support digital transformation in Africa.

In addition to the tie-up, Google will collaborate with Kenya to strengthen cyber security through cloud solutions. The initiative also includes enhancing cyber security capabilities for the eCitizen portal. In addition, Google will support digital innovation through training programs and partnerships with local organizations such as Jacaranda Health to improve maternal health outcomes.

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