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“In Australia, if you don't have leggings, you've wasted your life”

“In Australia, if you don't have leggings, you've wasted your life”

By Victor Baratou.

It's six o'clock in the morning on Manly Beach, the sun hasn't risen, and already dozens of people are running along the beach or along the long stretch of this beautiful northern beach from Sydney. This is where Anas lived for twelve years because he wanted to live in “a city by the sea”. and completely converted to a local way of life. “I usually get up at seven and go for a walk on the beach or go for a walk before going to work.” He works on events, and he is especially the coordinator of the French Film Festival, which attracts almost 200,000 visitors every year.

A demanding job, but one she took a step back from. “Unlike my Parisian life, here I'm more focused on my work-life balance. And like many people here, I've taken up yoga and meditation.

In this very cosmopolitan country, where more than 30% of the population is foreign-born, he “loves the openness of the people, their sense of community and, after all, they are very kind; if I go to the supermarket, the cashiers call me “Kanna”. I adore it ! »

Karin recently arrived. A cultural attaché at the French embassy for four years, she loved life in Sydney so much that a few months into her stint, she decided to move in with her daughter. A self-described “super Parisian,” she hasn't completely given up her habits. “I work a lot all the time, and I rarely finish before 8pm and go to a concert, a restaurant or simply a drink on the terrace. But near me, in Bondi, after 8pm, it's very, very quiet. On the other hand, from six in the morning, the seafront Captured by women walking their dogs with a mug of coffee in their hands. In Australia, if you don't have leggings, you've wasted your life!

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“People here are more zen, less stressed and more in tune with nature”

The truth is, Karin admits that if she stayed up late, didn't play too many games, and didn't spend all Sunday afternoon at the barbecue, she still “asked herself: people here are more Zen, less.” Emphasized, and more in tune with nature. I have met wonderful people, very curious, especially about life in Europe, which is much less judged by appearance than in France.

And Karin, who never went out without her heels in Paris, ditched them completely here. “I'm in sneakers even when I'm wearing a skirt or a dress, which is completely unthinkable in Paris!”.

It is common to walk barefoot not only on the beach but also in the city center! Another sign of this Australian-style relaxation: on election days, many voters go to their polling stations in just their swimsuits. We are far from the famous French elegance, but undoubtedly very close to happiness.