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Trucks.  A scientific festival full of activities and conferences

Trucks. A scientific festival full of activities and conferences

It is the city of Gravières that will host the Science Festival with the “Science Village” that will occupy the central space of the village on Saturday, September 23, during the afternoon.

On this occasion, the public will discover the workshops of Leporello and the Blue of the Sky led by Eveline Marie, a circus workshop with Art d’en Faire and an introductory tightrope activity with the Ardèche slackline.

A “Bring Your Own Stone” animation is also planned. Geologist Didier Necteau will present his knowledge of rocks. And also scientific workshops with the contribution of the bridge-building trade ship and the Mars Rover.

With its starry sky, the planetarium will help you find your way. There will also be discovery workshops with Micro madness led by Polinno and a dive into the past as well as a journey into the heart of evolution.

Also a demonstration of Planeterrella as well as an aurora simulator created by Jan Lilienstjen, Research Director at the Center National de la Recherche Scientifique in Grenoble at the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics. The latter will hold a conference on the impact of Martian auroras.

The fate of honey bees

From 6pm, Födosökande Bi (Alive) will come to warn about the fate of the honeybees and Sebastien Proas (Cirque du Soleil’s award-winning acrobat and aerialist) with humor and poetry will present his acrobatic show about his foraging heroines. Take the audience away, move them and move them away.

Free entertainment

Access to these activities is free, thanks to the financial support provided by the Department of Ardèche, Drac and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, in particular through the Regional Agreement on Technical and Cultural Education (TEAC).

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This Science Festival is a project that will not be dedicated to one national event, but will continue over the following months with other meetings.

The program is available online at