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Traveling by plane: eight tips for travelers from pilots

Traveling by plane: eight tips for travelers from pilots

When flying, we tend to take it easy in order to be comfortable during the flight, but there are certain habits that passengers should avoid, according to pilots.

Pilots are not always the ones controlling the plane, they are sometimes passengers. However, their experience allows them to have a different overview of things. Here are eight pilot tips to apply when flying:

1. Put your shoes back on to go to the bathroom

While many people prefer to take off their shoes once they sit on the plane, it is important to put them back on when going to the bathroom, to avoid stepping on urine on the floor.

“Many passengers naturally take off their shoes when sitting down to rest during the flight, but I always make sure to wear shoes when using the bathroom,” he explained. HuffPost Stefan Dörr Arnarsson, pilot at PLAY airline.

2. Do not get up until the plane reaches the landing gate

Although it is tempting to stand up when the plane hits the ground, it can be dangerous to stand up before the plane comes to a complete stop.

In addition to the fact that it's illegal to unbuckle your seatbelt while the warning light is still active, Michele Joris, a pilot for Charter Airlines, pointed out that it can happen for a plane to suddenly stall.

“You can imagine that [si] “If people are in the corridor, they have a high chance of getting infected,” she said.

3. Always bring something to drink

It is a good idea to buy a bottle of water before boarding the plane to avoid feeling thirsty during the flight.

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“On commercial flights, I've found that there are times when flight attendants are unable to provide refreshments, either because the flight is too short or because of reported turbulence,” noted Jenny Carter, a pilot for the private airline Wheels Up.

4. Do not panic when there is a disturbance

M said.I Carter.

“Turbulence is an inconvenience for many, but the plane won't fall out of the sky. It's usually not dangerous at all as long as you follow the flight crew's instructions: stay seated and wear your seat belt when told to do so,” she explained.

5. Do not put two handbags in the overhead compartment

It is not known that you are allowed to bring two carry-on bags on board. However, few people know that you only have to store one in the overhead compartment, and the second should be placed under the seat in front of you.

“At the beginning of my career, on commercial flights, I would throw the two suitcases in the overhead compartment and not think about it any more, until one of the last passengers on the plane seemed very depressed when there was more room for her suitcase,” said Jenny Carter. In the overhead compartment.” HuffPost.

6. Keep window covers on during take-off and landing

Accessing the window not only allows you to see the scene during takeoff and landing, but it also allows you to see if anything is abnormal. According to pilot Mindy Lindheim, the route on the ground to the airport remains more dangerous than the flight itself.

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“Pilots can't see much of the wings from the cockpit, so the passenger may be the first to see something unusual and report it to the crew,” she said.

7. Be prepared and organized when boarding

Simply being prepared when boarding makes the process easier for everyone and avoids causing a traffic jam in the aisle.

“From a pilot’s perspective, I want the boarding process to be as smooth as possible,” Arnarsson said. Before boarding begins, I put my things away to reduce the time it takes to get to my seat. I take out of the trash bag everything I want to have in my seat during the flight.

8. Don't forget to thank the crew

This simple measure of courtesy is often forgotten. However, it is important to thank the flight attendants and any other crew member as well as acknowledge their good work in a climate that is not always easy.

“Even if the flight is delayed or the crew has to deal with bad weather, I always say thank you,” M. said.I Carter.