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Tom Cruise will be the first actor to star in space?

Tom Cruise will be the first actor to star in space?



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In a few months, for the first time in history, a series of films will be filmed on the International Space Station. Actor Tom Cruise prepares for adventure.

Tom Cruise himself skydived for him Mission: Impossible And flew on his fighter plane Best. The American actor struggles to work without a lineup, and today he’s dealing with the heavens: he’ll shoot his first movie in space. NASA and Elon Musk confirmed the project. Tom Cruise will go to space with a SpaceX rocket with his director Doug Lyman, who has directed him in several films. “It’s not an abstract project, we’re going to make this movie! We won’t talk about it if we don’t really settle all the insurance issues”, Confirm to the director.

The movie has a budget of $ 200 million, but the score may be much higher when you consider that the seat in the Dragon Capsule costs roughly $ 50 million per person. Tom Cruise, her manager and possibly a third technician, could leave next year on a ten-day mission aboard the International Space Station.

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