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To create an Espace for the public, Le Public Theater invites the private sector

The new Espace public theatre, at Parvis St-Pierre in Uccle, will be funded by a call for private funds. Notice to investors wishing to support the arts.
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Journalist in the Department of Culture

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IImagine a theater that belongs (slightly) to the spectators, a rich theater with two rooms (308 and 132 seats) also installed on the edge of a public square, where the program can go on outside all summer. Then imagine that the construction of this theater itself is not secured by public subsidies, but funded by the collection of funds from private individuals, while relying on the instrument of public investment, the St’ Art Cultural Investment Fund. Let’s dream a little: every investor with a passion for the arts will commit thirty years for a good sum without being out of reach, will share in the vibrancy of culture, and yet make an interesting investment. beautiful girl?

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