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"Title 42" prevents immigrants from crossing the US border

“Title 42” prevents immigrants from crossing the US border


In the United States, the Biden government had planned this Monday to finalize the application of “Title 42”. Introduced by Donald Trump in March 2020, the health measure allows US border guards to deport immigrants without practice. But a federal judge in Louisiana on Friday blocked the raising of Title 42. At the Mexican border, candidates are waiting to depart.

With our Special Correspondent in Tijuana, Quentolina Duval

“Title 42”, rejected by associations and organizations defending the rights of immigrants, has been controversial for months and has divided American politicians. Questionably, U.S. border guards deport immigrants directly to Mexico or their home country without any procedure. And this, even before they file for asylum.

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At the border between Mexico and the United States, the wait for immigrants seeking to file this asylum claim in the United States continues until further notice. For more than two years, most of them have come to this frontier and been imprisoned. According to them, they are concentrated in border cities because they cannot go back to their home country.

UN For Joseph Herrero of the Refugee Organization, this uncertainty is particularly worrying. ” There is a lot of confusion, people are getting lost. They do not know what to expect, what procedures apply, or whether access to the border will be closed or reopened. He says.

Measurement is not required

In Mexico, Title 42 is subject to opposition from immigrants and international associations and organizations. Many believe the move, which was initially officially imposed for health reasons due to the Govt-19 epidemic, is no longer necessary, while more than six months have passed since the restrictions on tourists were lifted.

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All states have the sovereignty to keep their borders and prevention and control policies. UN Joseph Herero of the Refugee Organization continues. But under no circumstances should these measures restrict the right to access the territory and the right to seek asylum because it is a fundamental human right.

It is estimated that more than 1.7 million people have been deported from the United States since Title 42 was established.