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Those passionate athletes who push their limits to the limit

Those passionate athletes who push their limits to the limit

In a specialized nation when I was born in the mid-1970s in the United States, the discipline became a true mass phenomenon. Photographer Frank Donow

decadence – Science studies the physical and mental consequences of these tests for more than 100 kilometers, as the limits are constantly pushed.

On August 26, at 6 pm, just over 2,300 men and women will set out from the Triangle de l’Amitié in Chamonix, hoping to complete the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, a legendary 170 km loop with 10,000 meters of altitude around The famous alpine massif. It would take the best of about twenty hours, obviously without a single minute of sleep, to finish this event considered the most famous in the world, if not the most difficult. But about 40% of the participants, despite all qualifying under the tough performance criteria (and who would be lucky enough to be drawn), won’t see the finish line. Tired, injured, or past the deadline, they will end up giving up on their dream. A high scrape rate but very common in the world of ultra-long-distance racing.

For twenty years, the practice of jogging has been lanes (which literally means ‘track’) and…

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