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This is how the brand’s future mixed reality headset should work

Natively integrated into the headset, FaceTime will be able to realistically display the user’s face and entire body in virtual reality. The avatars created in this way will be able to develop in the same virtual room, but of course it is necessary that the two interlocutors have Reality Pro equipped. Meetings of more than two people will be supported, but additional users will be shown as an avatar or Memoji, and the processing power required does not allow more realistic avatars to be shown. bloomberg Apple is betting on realism here, he insists, so we shouldn’t have animated avatars like the Meta helmet.

Finally, immersive video watching promises good feelings. The Apple brand has worked with many partners, including Disney and Dolby, to ensure quality functionality. We should also remember that Apple acquired NextVR in 2020, a company that specializes in VR sports content. Apple TV+ sera mis à jour pour fonctionner avec le casque, et le Reality Pro propose une option aux utilisateurs pour leur donner l’impression qu’ils regardent un film sur un écran géant dans un autre environnement, dans le désert ou dans l’espace , ex. To take advantage of spatial audio, AirPods will be required, as the product’s speakers are limited.

The operating system, xrOS internally, but may be renamed for commercial release, is based on an interface close to that of iOS. It offers productivity features, and Apple has already released various tools, including ARKit, to encourage third-party developers to design apps, games, and services that take advantage of the capabilities offered by the headset.

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One of the black points of the device could be the autonomy, which is declared at around 2 hours on battery. The latter is external, connected to the speaker via cable and placed in the user’s pocket, which also raises questions about the convenience of the system.