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Theresa May’s portrait unveiled in Parliament

Theresa May’s portrait unveiled in Parliament

He said it was a “great honour”. Theresa May. Former Prime Minister British His official parliamentary portrait was unveiled in Parliament this week. Painted by painter Syed Tai, Work It hangs in Portcullis House, the office building where many MPs work. It costs 28,000 pounds or about 33,000 euros.

In the painting, the second female head of the United Kingdom is shown in three-quarter view, wearing a heavy blue coat against a green screen. “In this portrait, the aim was to create not only a concrete physical appearance, but also psychological characteristics inspired by the personal and mythological – symbolic and atmospheric,” explains the artist.

Three years as President of the United Kingdom

The work took three sessions and a year to complete and became part of the art collection Parliament British this summer. This collection lists people who have made significant contributions to British political life over the centuries. So, this is a recognition of Theresa May’s service London. The 66-year-old Conservative took over as head of the British government in July 2016 following a referendum. Brexit 52% of Britons voted in favor of leaving the European Union. He was in power till July 2019.

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