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The science is there – two new titles to discover –

Sand and Milk are two new titles in the La science est dans collection published by Nathan. Two interesting books, published in April 2022, suggest observing, experimenting, learning and understanding science better.

Science is in the sand NathanAfter the summary, the children are suggested to familiarize themselves with the sand. About three questions asked, young children will determine the sand, if it is soft, hot, dry, light, and pure … The places, where sand can be found, just like the things we make, are also determined with this item. Then, on the next double page, the children are invited to take a closer look at the sand, to see what it is made of.

Also after the summary, children are invited to familiarize themselves with milk. After a question about what foods can contain milk, young children will have to find out which of some animals do not give milk. Then, on the next double page, an experiment should be discovered. Children are invited to create a storm with milk.

Science is in milk NathanBoth books invite children to develop their curiosity, creativity and scientific mind, with a simple concept, to make easy and surprising experiments about something. Through sand and milk, young scientists will discover key scientific principles, discover phenomena, reactions… Also note is at the heart of these two exciting books, well constructed, with engaging titles and experiments illustrated and presented in a fun way, with simple and clear explanations. Some information is amazing and will captivate young readers Ready to manipulate, monitor, and transform…

Sand and Milk are two new titles in the collection science ineditions Nathan. Curious and captivating, two books by Cécile Yugla, Jacques Guichard and Laurent Simon suggest observing and carrying out experiments to learn and understand science better.

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