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The problem in Edmonton is Connor McDavid

The problem in Edmonton is Connor McDavid

The Edmonton Oilers added depth to their roster earlier this week.

Ken Holland has replaced the services of Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick (Ducks), two strikers who will help the club by the end of the season.

On paper, at least, the Oilers look very dangerous offensively:

(Credit: Daily Showdown)

In terms of offense, we agree that Connor McDavid leads the club.

He is the offensive engine of the team because he has exceptional talent… and because he shows up every night.

No one can blame him for his effort and desire to win, which is why he wears the letter “C” on his jersey.

McDavid wants to win and it shows in his body language. When defeats accumulate, the leader does not feel happy and it shows…

Brief. All of this means that McDavid is the Oilers' most important player and it's hard to say otherwise.

There was discussion earlier today about the TVA Sports special (Transactions) and it was Jean-Charles Lajoie's comments in particular that sparked reactions.

JiC explained that the problem in Edmonton is Connor McDavid… because the captain does whatever he wants and because he wants to do everything on his own.

Michel Bergeron, Marc-Andre Perrault and Tony Marinaro were on set with JiC and shared their disagreement with the latter's comments.

For good reason, we agree, because Connor McDavid is the best hockey player in the world and because he stands up in the moments that matter.

He has 75 points in 49 playoff games, and he knows he has to be at his best when it counts…

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After all, it's not his fault that the goalkeepers and defenders behind him aren't doing the job. McDavid may score six points per game, but if the goaltender and defense allow seven goals…the Oilers won't be ahead.

We know what the problem is with the Oilers.

But it's crazy to say the captain is the problem… because he's the last one to blame in Edmonton.

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– Good point.

-He has been linked to CH for a long time.

– Another trade for Pres.

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