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The landlord is naked in the yard: there is no reason to withhold his rent

A German court has ruled that a landlord who sunbathed naked on the patio of the building he rents does not justify not paying rent.

This decision was made recently in Germany, after the owner of an office building in Frankfurt sued a company that rented premises there for business and which chose to enter into confrontation by withholding the reported rent payment. The Independent Wednesday.

The reason: the owner of the building was going to take advantage of a corner of the courtyard to sunbathe in Adam’s clothes, despite the disagreement of the tenants.

However, “the use of the rental property was not affected by the fact that the plaintiff was bathing naked in the courtyard,” the Frankfurt court would have ruled, rejecting the company’s reasoning.

According to the court, the place where the landlord sunbathed could only be seen from the windows of the rented office by leaning away from the window.

And the English media added that the tenant would not have been able to prove that the owner would have climbed the stairs leading to the courtyard without clothes.

The court reportedly said: “On the contrary, the plaintiff credibly stated that he always wore a bathrobe which he did not take off before the long chair.”

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