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The former Arkansas governor announces his 2024 presidential candidacy

I am running for president of the United StatesMr. Hutchinson, 72, announced on US ABC.

I represent an alternative to former President Donald TrumpHe added, while announcing that he wanted to address Trump voters.

I think we need border security. We need a strong America. And I think we need to spend less at the federal level. These are the values ​​I holdFollow Asa Hutchinson.

The former governor of this rural state also said Donald Trump should withdraw his candidacy for the 2024 presidency after he was indicted Thursday by the New York justice. An opinion that contrasts with those of other elected Republicans who are generally united around the former president, who has been put on the status of a martyr.

First of all, the job is more important than any individualhe argued.

For the presidency, I think [son inculpation] Too many distractions and that he needs to be able to focus on the legal process. »

Quote from Republican Asa Hutchinson

I have always said that people do not have to leave their public office if they are under investigation, but if they reach the stage of criminal prosecution, they must be answered.Mr. Hutchinson insisted.

Governor of Arkansas from 2015 to 2023, Asa Hutchinson passed a law in 2021 that virtually bans abortions in this state.

In addition to Donald Trump, he will face former ambassador VUnited nations and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who was the first high-profile candidate to challenge the billionaire.

Asa Hutchinson He is just another extremist joining the growing MAGA race (Make America Great AgainDonald Trump logo), the Democratic National Committee (DNC) responded in a press release.

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