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you are right.

We can fully cultivate ourselves and educate ourselves with the resources that exist. If we have the will.

In fact, the concern is more about what the public service has to offer, which nonetheless remains a dominant force in terms of ratings. The lack of a real France 2 science program in prime time seems to be a huge problem to me. It is their duty to propose – everyone is free to take it or refuse it.

Re-establishing science in the media will not be enough, but it is a start, and it seems to me above all a commitment to a public service. We’re talking about a channel that puts boneheads on prime time. We are behind “Nothing”, we are in the promotion and adoption of pseudoscience.

Finally, we must be wary of the magnifying glass effect of social networks. What percentage of the population is really inclined to believe in Raoult’s delusions? I do not know. There may be a consistent level of people being gullible/conspiring/opportunistic, and they may be more exposed and vocal.

However, one thing that seems indisputable is the destruction of smartphone screens for young minds. How diverted they are from a whole host of things – and potential discoveries of passions and talents – because of vampires. It really scares me

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