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The celebrity presenter was voted “Sexiest Man in the United Kingdom” ahead of Prince William and Tom Holland.

The celebrity presenter was voted “Sexiest Man in the United Kingdom” ahead of Prince William and Tom Holland.

who Attractive man From the United Kingdom and Ireland? A recent survey conducted by a dating site Illegal encounters has revealed a ranking of British and Irish people rated most attractive by users. Surprisingly, however, the big winner of this study wasn't Prince William.

Kate Middleton's husband has been deposed by another high-profile personality across the channel. In total, 2000 members Interviewed from IllicitEncounters. This app presents itself as the world's best site for meeting married people. According to the site, this favorable position testifies Intensity of study.

Prince William has been overtaken by Jeremy Clarkson in the UK's sexiest men rankings

According to rankings established by IllicitEncounters, Prince William still scores well among users of the dating site. He actually comes in third, just behind Actor Tom Holland. But the two stars were no match for one of England's most popular presenters. This Jeremy Clarkson First place winner. Even scored a mark 9/10.

The British host thus passed before dignitaries like Idris Elba, Dermot O'Leary, Cillian Murphy And Ryan Reynolds. However, this result may be surprising. This presenter is not really known for her good figure. In his long career as a journalist and anchor, he has been at the heart of many controversies. His behavior cost him his spot on the show Top gear.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Jeremy Clarkson

The cheeky personality of the host beats Prince William and Tom Holland

In general, Jeremy Clarkson is the most relatable scandals More than a charismatic personality. This British presenter has made a name for herself as an automotive journalist, particularly by hosting a TV show Top gear. However, at the time, his opinion was often controversial United Kingdom. Jeremy Clarkson has been accused of racist comments and has not set a good example when it comes to road safety.

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In 2014, he also hosted the show Top gear Embarrassed during a shoot Argentina. The host later drove a Porsche whose license plate would have brought back painful historical memories for Argentines. Even worse, Jeremy Clarkson was done too Dismissal of his program 2015, following an argument with the producer. However, this tumultuous career did not prevent him from overtaking Prince William in the rankings of the sexiest men in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson

Photo credit: Shutterstock Hosted by Jeremy Clarkson

Prince William's rival personality has softened over time

As a representative of the IllicitEncounters site explained, one should not be quick to judge Results of the study. It's true that Jeremy Clarkson is inseparable Top gear And some of the scandals surrounding his life. However, he was also able to prove that he had A loving personality.

Prince William

Photo credit: Shutterstock Prince William

This other side of Jeremy Clarkson was noticed at the end of his collaboration BBC In the show Top gear. Henceforth, he is responsible for providing a program dedicated to tractors and agriculture. Clarkson on the farm. It is certainly thanks to this turning point in his career that he is now considered the most attractive man in the United Kingdom and Ireland, rather than a serious rival like Prince William.