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An artist draws the ire of the English for his (unidentified) portrait of Kate

An artist draws the ire of the English for his (unidentified) portrait of Kate

“Intolerable”. A British art critic describes it telegram Portrait of Alastair Sooke On the front page of the magazine Tatler To represent the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton, or her portrait, in a white dress crossed by a blue scarf, in the center of a painting on a blue background, with her arms crossed. The drawing, signed by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor, has been critically acclaimed in the United Kingdom.

Many criticize the lack of similarity between the representation and the human model. “I cannot detect the slightest resemblance between her and the woman she is supposed to represent,” criticizes Alastair Sook.

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Comments on the magazine's Instagram post were violent: “This portrait is terrible, there are so many extraordinary artists, they surely could have come up with something better”; “A very poor portrait that completely fails to represent the beauty and elegance of the Princess of Wales.”

This is the third portrait of a member of the royal family commissioned by Tatler and used on the magazine's cover in the past three years. Arts news.

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