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The Argoland continent, thought to have disappeared 155 million years ago, has re-emerged

The Argoland continent, thought to have disappeared 155 million years ago, has re-emerged

Earth is full of surprises. For good reason, scientists have discovered the remains of Argoland, a lost continent scattered across Indonesia, Myanmar and Southeast Asia, reveals a study published in the journal Scientist on October 19, 2023. Science is direct.

Researchers have long known that 155 million years ago a land mass split from Australia before drifting toward Southeast Asia. Traces were found during previous searches in the Argo Abyssal Plain sea basin off the country’s northwest coast. “However, no continent of this size has been found near these islands.It’s amazing Science & Life In an article published on October 24, 2023.

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An incomplete map

The scientists then set off on his trail, a veritable treasure hunt. “We knew it had to be somewhere up northAustraliaSo we expected to find it in Southeast Asia.”declared Direct science In an article published on October 30, 2023, Eldert Avogat, a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and lead author of the study.

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He and his team discovered fragments of ancient lands in Indonesia and Myanmar. But these layers are not enough to restore Argoland. “Nothing works.”The lawyer promised.

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A fragmented continent in contact with tectonic forces

They then continued their research to trace the journey north of the ancient continent in Southeast Asia. Here, they found other scattered pieces of ancient land and, in between, the remnants of small oceans dating back about 200 million years, Live Science explains.

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“We didn’t lose a continent, it was already too big and fragmented.”, the lead author of the study revealed. According to the latter, the Arcoland was deformed in contact with tectonic forces, which expanded the continental mass and distanced it from the rest of the Australian continent.

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This invention can “Shedding light on the region’s past climate may have cooled as oceans formed between the remnants of Arcoland”Elder Avocat was delighted.

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