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Terre-de-Bas: opening of a new care space

Terre-de-Bas: opening of a new care space

Terre de Basse, with a population of less than 1,100, most of them elderly, is no longer a medical desert. With the opening of a new medical office on site, weekly interventions by an additional practitioner are also being announced. This is enough to ensure care is provided 6 days a week. The administration and the rehabilitation service, contacted by a doctor mobilized on the site and the mayor, participated in financing this project.

There was extraordinary excitement on the quiet island of Terre de Basse, on Saturday, February 3, 2024. The fact is that the infrastructure that locals were eagerly awaiting was inaugurated there, in the middle of the morning. : Medical office.

Inauguration of a medical office in Terre de Basse – 03/02/2024.

Inauguration of a medical office in Terre de Basse – 03/02/2024.

This new care space installed in the South Island, which suffers from the consequences of double isolation, is the result of joint work between the District Council and the Regional Health Agency (ARS). It is located within the Local Health and Social Action Center (CLASS) and benefits from stringent technical and professional equipment.

On the other hand, the practitioner's permanent residence has not been announced. The space will be used by “Physicians who participate or wish to participate in permanent outpatient care activity (badass) In terre de pas“, explains ARS.

The new dispensary is still synonymous with progress, as until now there have only been two doctors on the island, who rotate and work 4 days a week. From now on, there will be a new specialist on site, providing care 6 days a week.

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In addition, other health professionals, such as physical therapists, will work in this new office. Best working conditions The introduction contributes to enhancing the attractiveness of the municipality.

The administration was keen to welcome practitioners in good conditions. The community therefore funded the renovation of the CLASS building with €140,000.

For its part, the Rehabilitation Society has allocated funds to purchase medical equipment, including an ultrasound machine and an electrocardiogram machine; All for 86,000 euros. The agency also funds continuing care with one million euros annually.

Inauguration of a medical office in Terre-de-Bas jointly funded by the Ministry and ARS – 03/02/2024.

Of course, the first to feel happy are the patients on the island!

Inauguration of a medical office in Terre de Basse: the island’s patients are the first to be happy – 03/02/2024

Reporter : Geordi Ryabin
Photo reporter : Remy DeFrance
Editor: Jean-Luc Elysee
Mixer : Cédric Jean-Baptiste