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Tennis.  Australian Open – World No. 226 Jules Marie in Australia!

Tennis. Australian Open – World No. 226 Jules Marie in Australia!

His calculations were correct. Thanks to his ranking of 226th in the world – erasing his best ranking since March 9, 2015 -, Jules Marie He has a qualifying ticketAustralian Open Circuit. Cut 228. So he had some margin. A feat for the Frenchman, who celebrated on Instagram with the display. At the age of 32, the Frenchman succeeded in his second career, having stopped working in the summer of 2015 – “I'm tired of asking my parents for money“- to become the king of the CNGT circuit. Australian Open Looms…

Jules Marie finished her year in Cannes last year!

“Thanks to all my opponents who beat me when I lost at 600 ATP”

As a reminder, he started the year with 487. The task seemed impossible. But after 93 official matches, he has 278 ATP points. In an Instagram post published a week ago, she thanked all her friends, partners and her fans. The popular “Breakers” diligently follows his YouTube channel (editor's note: over 105,000 subscribers), where he shares his life on the circuit. He took the opportunity to ironically thank his “haters””.And thanks to all my detractors who insulted me when I lost at 600 ATP and said I would never go over 500 ATP. They finally understand that they are broken on the ground! He was delighted.

In the Company of Fourteen Frenchmen

Till then he had only played in two Grand Slam qualifiers. Every time Roland Garros, in 2013 and 2015. Qualifications for a major abroad are first best. But still Oceania Not alien to him. In 2015, when she was ranked 272 in the world, she tried it, participating in the Australian Challenger. Happy Valley and qualificationsAuckland ATP 250. But the doors to the qualifiers Australian Open was closed. This time, it was verified. He also planned to play Noumea Challenger At the beginning of the year.

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