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Teleworkers: Working in the nearest park?

Teleworkers: Working in the nearest park?

British popular magazine new world Last week took advantage of the onset of summer — and the heatwave that broke out there — to provide an overview of the research on the topic, some of it going back more than 10 years. it is good. It is known to doctors, for example, that simply getting out into nature, taking a walk outside, going to the park has beneficial effects on a person’s mental health.

In fact, you might even work with nature photos. research The publication in 2021 concluded that people who were shown such images before being given cognitive tests requiring attention had better results. Other researchers you have a suggestion It would improve focus when our attention wanes.

But it turns out that the researchers also tested the thing on workers. according to research Published in 2018, people who spend part of their work day outside report a decrease in anxiety.

suggested by biologists To adopt the concept of “biophilia”, which would identify personality traits associated with the usefulness of time spent in nature—from reduced anxiety to improved well-being—and suggested that these traits would be rooted in the evolution of our species.

But on a more practical level, it all comes on top of the fact that spending time outdoors increases our exposure to sunlight, which boosts production of vitamin D, as well as the lesser-known neurotransmitter glutamate involved in learning and memory.

And if you really can’t carry your computer or work tool to a park in the morning, at the very least, interrupting work with a walk in the area can work for the rest of the day.

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