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tall mountains.  Shaylol's cultural space renews itself

tall mountains. Shaylol’s cultural space renews itself

Once the final show of the Chaillol Festival is over, the artistic team of the Chaillol Cultural Space continues its activities behind the scenes. The authors’ residences, programming, intervention in schools or prisons… Many tasks were transferred to the team.

The Cultural Space of Shaylol, 1901 Law Society, prepares for the artists’ arrival. The association operates throughout the country of Gapençais, from Champsaur where the festival was born, to Serre-Ponçon Val d’Avance as well as in the cities of Gap and Tallard. Her work is also geared towards disadvantaged groups through partnerships such as SPIP (Prison and Probation Integration Services) in Gap or La Chrysalide in Tallard.

With the health crisis, the cultural space has had to reinvent itself. At the end of the first inventory, “artists present” were born, artists were able to adapt to creativity when it was impossible to perform. More intimate meetings have also been established, which are an integral part of the festival. Like ‘La musique au naturel’, a moment during which music is served alongside a wine tasting or a yoga class set against the backdrop of the music. “It allows an audience that might be intimidated by the idea of ​​going somewhere to listen to classical music to have access in another way,” notes Sandrine Bauger, Director of Communications.

Three groups were welcomed at the end of the year

Chaillol Festival Director Michael Dean relies on the quality of interactions to generate enthusiasm. Facilitate interaction with the audience at the end of the ceremony, the size of the audience and the proximity of the places that call for exchange. “During the Chaylul Festival, municipalities provide venues, such as a church or chapel with 45 places. Programming adapts to the proposed aesthetic,” adds Sandrine Puget, Director of Communications. Classical music in churches and international music in halls. Besides concerts, radios are planned with RAM05 .

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Three musical groups will be welcomed at the end of the year. The first Métamorphoses Quartet will take place from 8-12 November with a show in the brand new hall of the Gap Musical. Michael Dean is already cleaning up musical theaters for the nuggets of tomorrow. In doing so, young talents will have the opportunity to benefit from an environment that makes them known, with a real following.

in the program

Métamorphoses Quartet, String Quartet, and French Chamber Music

November 8-12: Accommodation in Fayore, Chaillol

– November 10 at 6:45 pm: Radio party with RAM05

– November 11, 8:30 p.m.: Concert at the Administrative Conservatory of Gap

Irene Ya Sidra Christian Mysticism Songs

November 23-26: Accommodation in Fayore, Chaillol

– November 24 at 8:30 pm: Concert at La Chapelle des Pénitents, Gap

– November 26 at 6:45 pm: Radio party with RAM05

Iolina quartet, accordion quartet
December 6-9: Accommodation at Fayore in Chaillol

– December 8: Radio Concert with RAM05

Tickets and information online at the end of October: or 09 82 20 10 39